ITEM STUDIO is womenswear offering effortless style for the modern woman with an eye for beautiful design. We aim to create signature items that will become the most-loved in wardrobes across seasons.


ITEM STUDIO has a timeless aesthetic with a modern touch yet grounded in a classic design tradition. We strive to ignite women’s love for our items with flattering silhouettes, beautiful textures, and distinctive details.


ITEM STUDIO presents two annual collections – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer – with selections of everyday items. Everything is underpinned by lasting quality that is easy to wear and to care for. Each item is created with uncompromising attention to detail, so it appeals to women to wear it again and again. The clothing is crafted in natural materials: cottons, wools and silks suited to the seasons.


High-quality, durable items that don’t go out of style are the key to making modern fashion sustainable. Our studio strives to make items that women will want to keep in their wardrobe for years, placing sustainability at the heart of our DNA. We also use textiles that are certified organic according to global standards, including environmental and social criteria.


ITEM STUDIO was founded by Mai Andersen as a new kind of fashion label. The underlying belief is that slow can still get you to where you need to go. ITEM STUDIO’s mission is to create value for women without being caught up in the industry’s fast-moving trends with new collections every other month, and most pieces of clothing worn just a few times.

Mai Andersen trained as an apparel designer at Design School Kolding and has worked in the Danish fashion industry before creating her own label. She started her journey to ITEM STUDIO with a vision of creating the perfect collection of wardrobe basics before her creative process carried her to a broader vision of womenswear with effortless style. Mai works and lives with her family in Copenhagen.